The Thrive Programme in Surrey

“Just about every symptom and condition I have treated over the last twenty years was created, maintained or exacerbated by the client’s limiting belief systems and unhelpful thinking styles. Only by changing those things will you learn to thrive. Think about it just for a second: as a kid you were taught how to brush your teeth, tie your shoe laces, cross the street, spell, read and write… BUT WHO TAUGHT YOU HOW TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BELIEFS, THINKING, FEELINGS AND IMAGINATION?

What I am getting at here is: it’s not your fault. It’s not your fault that you are faced with challenges at the moment. You were never shown the link between things like your belief systems, thoughts, how you perceive events, your imagination, your happiness, your success, your immune system and your health.”

The Thrive Programme, Rob Kelly

The Thrive Programme was developed by the researcher,writer and psychologist Rob Kelly. It is a truly amazing programme that leaves you feeling tremendously empowered . The Thrive Programme has helped many thousands of people to overcome phobias,addictions/compulsions,eating disorders,anorexia,emetophobia and many many more symptoms.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              After more than twenty years working with many different types of clients Rob observed how the beliefs and habitual thinking patterns was creating and maintaining their problems. And while the focus is on thinking and beliefs it is entirely different from CBT or NLP.

The difference being the insight that the client gains going through the Thrive sessions. You don't just learn to cope with your problems and symptoms( putting a plaster on them) you learn through understanding the connection between your personality, thinking and emotions how you create and maintain your symptoms .
This insight and understanding of how you work is not only very empowering it is hugely life changing , and often has a very positive effect on those around you.

Some of the symptoms helped with The Thrive Programme

Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Confidence / Low Self Esteem/Nerves
Depression / Low mood and worry
Emetophobia(fear of being sick)
Fear of Flying/Driving/Heights/enclosed spaces(agoraphobia)
Fear of Cancer/Death or Illness
Intrusive thoughts/Compulsions and Obsessions
Insomnia / Sleeping problems
Phobias and Fears
Premature Ejaculation
Social Anxiety
Sexual Problems
Stop Smoking
Weight Control
♦ Idiopathic Type 2 platelet disorder
♦ Stress

The Thrive Programme is basically a instruction manual on how YOUR mind works. We will work together so you can gain a clear understanding of how your thinking affects your emotions and feelings, you will feel much more empowered and in control when you recognize that most of your problems,anxiety and stress are actually caused by your poorly managed thinking , in fact you will feel fantastic because if your creating these problems/feelings with your unhelpful thinking styles then you can be the one who changes them .

It works and its wonderful , How do i know ?  ,  every Thrive consultant has to go through Her/His own sessions with an advanced Thrive Practitioner before they are allowed to practice themselves
. So i have taken the journey your contemplating and i can only repeat it is life changing .

Thrive Session Guide     (what actually happens)

We start of by looking at belief systems and what beliefs you have?  We conduct a fun 30  question quiz of your general beliefs to see which ones are helpful and which ones are holding you back.

We will discuss the three main limiting beliefs i.e self esteem, social anxiety and locus of control ( how much control you feel you have over your life ). The connection between your mind and body and the voice in your head ( self talk ).

We will continue working on your belief systems and complete a desire for control quiz ( i promise its not scary and very is insightful ) and show you how to build your self-esteem.

Next we start to work on and learn about social anxiety sometimes called social phobia. You will learn how the limiting beliefs ( Locus of Control,  Self-Esteem and Social Anxiety/Social Phobia ) all interact and effect each other, you can not change one without affecting the other two.

Now lets find out who you are ? Going through personality types and traits in your personality. Questions on perfectionist, black and white thinking, negative thinking styles, catastrophic and compulsive thinking styles. You can create a very accurate profile of who you are and what makes you tick, very interesting and a very exciting part of the session.

Next you will gain a real insight into understanding the impact your language has on your thoughts and emotions, and how we create are own low self-esteem and anxiety and how easy it is to totally and permanantly reverse this process. You will learn how  anticipatory anxiety affects your health and immune system. Where your stress levels are at and how to reduce and control them.

With session six we cover cycles of distorted behavior, significant others, D.R.E.A.M technique, goal setting and secondary gains ( what we might actually be gaining by subconsciously maintaining are illness/symptom).

The Thrive Programme is designed to help everyone Thrive from children to retirees, no matter what they are consulting for. In my professional opinion The Thrive Programme is the quickest and easiest way to permanently resolve so many issues. I champion Thrive because I truly believe its the best training/therapy available today, with commitment and effort amazing changes can happen.

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