This page is about the really awful, hidden, unexplained feelings and emotions that arise through anxiety that seem almost impossible to escape and the horrible frightening feeling of a panic attack that anxiety can turn into , about how they can both effect all of us .
Symptoms of Anxiety:

♦ Dizziness
♦ Shaking
♦ Feeling constantly tired

♦ Phobias
♦ Panic attacks
♦ Feeling out of control/not in control
♦ Feeling worried or uneasy all the time
♦ Dry mouth
♦ Short of breath
♦ Insomnia
♦ Headache
♦ Muscle ache
♦ Excessive thirst
♦ Not being able to concentrate
♦ Difficulty swallowing
♦ Stomach pain/cramps
♦ Being edgy and angry all the time
♦ Diarrhoea
♦ Having to use the toilet al the time

Anxiety is nature's way of keeping us prepared for the unexpected or events that need our most heightened attention. It tends to disappear with most of us as the situation ends , but with many of us theses feelings can persist and carry on indefinitely affecting our physical and mental health on a daily basis.

I do understand how this can effect you and I can help you to overcome and be free from your anxiety. And amazingly, considering how distressing and life impeding anxiety can be , if we work together and you are prepared to put in the effort and commitment this phobia can quickly and easily be resolved. Please help yourself and book your free initial consultation so you can start feeling great .

Panic Attacks: Sudden and intense episodes of fear that come on without any apparent reason and trigger very intense physical reactions.

Symptoms of a Panic Attack:

♦ Chest pain
♦ Sense of impending death
♦ Rapid heart rate
♦ Hyperventilation
♦ Trembling
♦ Hot flashes
♦ Headache
♦ Chills
♦ Nausea
♦ Sweating
♦ Dizziness
♦ Faintness
♦ Trouble swallowing
♦ Abdominal cramping
♦ Tightness in throat
♦ Shortness of breath

Panic attacks are one of the most frightening anxiety episodes you can experience . Their physical description is likened to a heart attack and their psychological affects are extremely frightening.

Panic attacks come on very quickly , you may have only one or two or they can become more regular. When we experience feelings of suddenly being overwhelmed with a big sense of danger and stress we can bring on a panic attack.

Thankfully these feelings can not only be controlled but totally banished from your life ,  Amazingly often within one to two sessions,  Set yourself free and book your Free Consultation

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