What do we know about Stress .

Anybody who`s ever felt stressed , and that`s most of us, knows its at best distressing at worst down right terrifying. From feeling shaky,ratty, headaches,sweaty,trembling fingers, to a full blown panic attack when you think your hearts going to pack up on you. While small short term amounts of stress are help full to us in genuinely dangerous or threatening situations regular or continuous feelings of being stressed are wholly unhealthy, affecting are short term and long term health. Very intense stress tends to lead to immuno-suppresion and increases your chances of catching a cold,flu and other infectious diseases. Less intense, shorter-term stress tends to lead to a over-active immune system and can cause inflammatory conditions such as asthma or hayfever. And of course making us feel bad about ourselves in general

So what`s causing these horrible feelings and attacks on are immune system ? well the good news, believe it or not - is we are. I know that`s super hard to get your head around at first,it most certainly feels like something that is happening to us and certainly something that is out of are control,but that is very rarely  what`s actually happening.Stress is normally the next step on the ladder from anxiety, so anxiety and stress are related but not the same thing. We experience anxiety when we find something challenging such as a work deadline, a speech , confrontation, a flight, going on a date , a traffic jam , we all find different things challenging, and this can cause anxiety which is fine if we have the skills and resources to cope with the task in hand , but when we don't have those skills or resources we can very quickly move on to feeling stressed , which can then cause us to lose  perspective on the very thing that is causing us to feel stressed which starts a very vicious circle of anxiety-stress-loss of perspective-total loss of clarity,  and all this can happen in a matter of seconds , so a person can go from feeling fine to a great big ball of anger in the blink of an eye , or some people bottle it all up causing them to perhaps drink to much or develop an eating disorder and with some people the stress can cause a chronic illness or can cause a flare up in people who already have a chronic illness. Normally this creates that feeling that there`s something inside of you that seems out of your control. Its your thoughts and your interpretations about anything and everything you experience which is influencing how you feel , and how you are feeling right now as you read this, some people will be thinking what`s this bloke on about , some will be saying to themselves that makes sense, some will be getting angry (stressed ) - thinking I'm saying its all their own fault while others will be saying this lovely chap is showing me it can all be in my own control. Stress is about are thoughts and interpretations of our environment and how internal or external we feel in relation to how we can deal with them.

The Thrive Programme is a very effective way of not only understanding whats causing your stress but how you can eliminate it. The Thrive Programme helps you to develop an insight into yourself which enables you to generate your own resources and to live the life you want and deserve. Thrive is mind training - not therapy or C.B.T. Its a fun, insightful and interactive programme that  Works and changes start to take place from the very first session. The Thrive Programme helps you to become aware of what you unwittingly do in order for you to become stressed in the first place, once you understand this you can STOP IT!  By  learning to understand how you have come to see things in the way in which you do , basically how you make yourself stressed in the first place, is over 90% of the solution...this 90% is what all the other stress management, self-help books, N.L.P., positive thinking, mindfulness, C.B.T.  fail to to explain to you. Techniques alone can never be a total solution which is why you still have your problem, you need to become aware of what you unwittingly do in order for you to become stressed in the first place. Your thoughts become your reality.

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