Blushing or a fear of blushing.

A phobia that's very close to this therapist's heart . All through my teens, into my twenties and sliding into my thirties i had a big blushing problem. Once I was placed in any kind of social situation where I felt a little challenged I could feel the cheeks start to burn, a compliment, a group meeting where I felt all eyes where on me, dropping something , being put on the spot, being challenged. It felt horrible and overwhelming and of course with blushing you feel so exposed and vulnerable because its so obvious. So you can imagine my delight as I embarked on my Thrive consultant training to not only realise what caused my blushing but also how to banish it. Blushing is a natural reaction to many natural occurrences, stress.anxiety etc so is easily explained away in a medical way, but as I remember my blushing it was purely psychological , as in I expected to blush , so i did , other people looked for me to blush in expextation , so I did. Really not nice at all but fun for the micky takers. So back to Thrive and my cure , its a realy simple process I was going through to create my blushing, it envovled Black and White thinking ( around the blushing ), external locus of control , high social anxiety  and coue's law ( using my imagination against myself ) once I learned this and put some effort into applying a different way of thinking   my blushing problem went and has never come back. What more can i say .

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