Sick phobia/emetophobia

Emetophobia - treatment for the fear of being sick

Emetophobia as it is known technically is a phobia where the person has an overwhelming and often obsessional fear of being sick or seeing someone else being sick. Emetophobia can often take over the persons life ,dominating their thoughts each and every day and often turns into a major obsession.

Some symptoms of emetophobia

Hating feeling 'out of control' 
Avoiding certain foods and restaurants
Observing people closely to see if they are unwell
Hating hospitals
Obsessing about germs and hygiene, particularly in the kitchen
A tremendous and uncontrollable fear of being sick/being sick in public
Fear of seeing someone else vomit or be sick
Associated fears of gagging/choking
Fear of falling pregnant ( due to the fear of morning sickness)
Compulsive hand washing
Panic attacks
Hating and even avoiding public transport
Obsessing about expiry dates on food

 I have been trained to treat people with emetophobia and to help free them from being completely ruled by it and to go on and enjoy their lives from emetophobia and all its symptoms.

Common thinking styles that many people suffering from emetophobia share and need to be addressed to provide a long term solution:

Obsessive thinking
External locus of control
Black and white thinking ( All or Nothing )
Catastrophic thinking, looking at the worst case scenario, assuming the worst.
Hypervigilence - LOOKING for threatening signs all the time

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